Write your book TODAY

To the author that has missed their writing date for the third time this week, I see you.

To the writer who feels the burden of their story but can’t seem to schedule time to write around kids, work, and life, I see you.

To the writer who is unsure about their out-of-box book concept but has no one to be a sounding board, I see you.

Develop discipline to write your story in a supportive community.

Join me for …


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Have we met?

I’m Tacoi D. Bell

(pronounced tuh-koi)

I started Creative Office Hours because I believe writers need two things to thrive — accountability and support. We writers have to fight our natural introverted ways to find a community for more discipline and focus. Join other writers who understand how lonely this road can be and will push you to keep going.

No more seeking. This is the writing community you’ve been searching for.

What Are Creative Office Hours?

Do you remember in college when your professor would host office hours? Office hours were an opportunity for you to drop by, get to know your professor, and ask questions. Creative Office Hours are an opportunity for fellow writers to come together in a structured environment for community building and accountability to complete writing of their book.

Hosted three times a week, you can drop by Creative Office Hours whenever you have a free block of time that you can use for writing.

What Are the Important Details?

Cost: The Anointed Editorial’s Creative Office Hours are FREE.

When: Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 6a-6:45a EST. Come in and stay as long as you’d like during Office Hours. The virtual door will be open for you.

Where: Zoom (link provided in email)

Communication: Communication about Creative Office Hours is only received via email, so you must sign up for The Anointed Editorial’s email list to receive Zoom information, notification of canceled hours, etc.*

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Who Benefits from Creative Office Hours?

You will benefit from Creative Office Hours if you:

  • Have a book idea but feel like you don’t have the time to write
  • Enjoy writing from the comfort of your own home
  • Like virtual community support to write your book
  • Need structure and a schedule you can easily follow to write your book

Why Are Office Hours So Early?

Research shows that we are the most productive in the mornings after we’ve had a good night’s rest. As many of us are not well-known, high-earning authors that can quit our day jobs, Creative Office Hours are scheduled for optimal writing time before having to walk the dog, get the kids ready, and head out for work.

Your writing routine should fit into your schedule like any part of your day. Office Hours are meant to help you start your day with productivity and discipline while inching closer to a complete first draft of your book.

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Photo credits: Helena Lopes on Unsplash; Sigmund on Unsplash