The Anointed Editorial’s Editing Services

The Anointed Editorial loves to support Christian authors. We do our best work with the following categories:

  • Christian fiction and nonfiction
  • Uplifting, inspirational, and motivational mindset
  • Personal development
  • Professional development
  • Self-help
  • Prescriptive nonfiction

If you feel your manuscript does not fall in any of these categories but you are excited to work with The Anointed Editorial, please reach out to discuss your project. We’d love the opportunity to expand our horizons and serve you.

Copyedit Service

Publishing your book is the big show. Leading up to the main event, your book must be prepped and made clean and pristine. 

If you’re ready for a collaborative one-on-one experience and release-ready manuscript, The Anointed Editorial can assist you.

Our copyedit service is for two rounds of editing to check for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, voice strength and passivity, consistency, fact-checking and conciseness. Manuscripts of 10,000 words and over receive one midpoint call between edit rounds 1 and 2. You’ll also receive a style sheet for future reference in the proofreading phase.

Christian/Nonfiction copyediting begins at $40 per 1,000 words (+ $40 for one call)*
Fiction copyediting begins at $28 per 1,000 words (+ $40 for one call)*

*A review of the manuscript and sample edit will be performed to determine the amount of work to be completed. Payment plans available but a deposit is required.

Manuscript Evaluation/Editorial Assessment

Do you feel you’ve taken your manuscript as far as you can but you’re still unclear what can make it better? 

With a manuscript evaluation from The Anointed Editorial, we provide clarity on how to take your manuscript from “no” to “yes, Lord.” The suggestions provided in our evaluation commentary are easy to understand and full of ideas to get you back on track to complete your book.

Our evaluation includes a thorough read through of your manuscript in its current state. We will provide commentary on title appropriateness, proper address of theme, target audience selection, presentation of information (for nonfiction), story arc(s) (where applicable), character development (where applicable), and editorial issues such as voice passivity and conciseness. There is also a one-hour wrap-up call to address the author’s questions on feedback provided. 

$400 10,000 words & under
$600 10,001–20,000 words
$800 20,001–40,000 words
$1,000 40,001–80,000 words
$1,300 80,001+ words*

*Payment plans available but a deposit is required.

Ask the Editor Session

A one-hour, h’oeuvre style experience for any author who has little or no familiarity working with a freelance editor. Bring your burning hot questions concerning your in-progress manuscript or blooming idea and we’ll work through them together.

The Ask the Editor session is an intimate, one-hour call meant to help with:

  • Style, punctuation, and grammar questions for in-progress manuscripts
  • Idea development for your current book idea
$100 for 1 hour

*All guidance provided will be based on the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition.