4 Reasons to Write Your Christian or Nonfiction Book NOW

On the other side of publishing your nonfiction book is great opportunity.

It is beyond time for authors and authors-to-be to search deep within for what they have to share with the world and pen and publish it. There is a lot that God wants to do through His people to advance the kingdom and win new souls. Uncovering our message to share is part of that. When we close off ourselves to leaning in for more instruction on what to write and how to go about writing it, we derail the positive influence and impact we are meant to make in the lives of others.

We must be willing and available to hear God when He speaks. More than hearing Him, it should be imperative that we do as He instructs. As the world becomes colder, people will continue to look for an answer on how to navigate life’s challenges. God has given that critical information to us; let’s get it out to provide the solution for others still searching. 

So if you feel the itch to soon author a book, here are four reasons to get writing, like yesterday.

Build your brand 

Many business owners are making moves to publish books in an effort to showcase perceived value to readers. Published books communicate brand confidence and are a great way to build your brand. It is worth mentioning, though, that an established social media presence and following will help you. If you market well and build up anticipation for your release, you will see success.

Establish your authority/voice as a subject matter expert

You know so much about your area of expertise you can write a book about it

Yes, you do. And you should get started on writing that book to serve as an extension of the expertise that you have already shared with friends, family, church members, and clients/customers. 



Develop your sphere of influence

We all have a group of people that our lives are meant to impact. As a mother, it’s our children; as a spouse, our spouse, and so on. But you may be called to affect a group of people beyond those you can physically lay your hands on. Penning a book is an opportunity to spread your influential wings and change the lives of others.

Create a life of opportunity and freedom

Many authors are content to stop at just writing the book. 

Do not misunderstand; writing a book is a major feat. But let me challenge your thought process for a moment.

There’s more. Especially when God’s hand is on it.

Book signings. Podcast interviews. Speaking engagements. TED Talks. The sky’s the limit.

More exposure leads to more opportunities, which leads to more money and freedom. This means more time — freedom — to do the things that set your heart ablaze and build others up as you go.

Your obedience in getting your story on paper is going to unlock major doors for you. So, no more delay. After you finish reading this blog post, get onto your computer, open a blank Word document, and get to writing.

If you’ve already written your book and have no idea what’s next, book a FREE call with me to discuss your project and determine what’s the next step.

Featured image photo by Shiromani Kant on Unsplash; in-text photo by Brent Gorwin on Unsplash