Check Your Motivations for Writing

When your readers turn the last page of your book and read THE END, what thoughts and feelings would you like them to experience?

This question is important to consider because you may not make a ton of money as an author.

Truthfully, there are many factors to consider when determining a realistic income number for an author when publishing a book, such as the genre of the book, book retail price, and copies sold, to name a few. 

So with that said, you should consider your motivations for writing the books that you write. If your dreams of fame and grandeur are not realized, what will continue to motivate you to write?

Here are three motivations I believe every author should have for writing.

Motivation 1: You believe your books will heal, inspire, or change people. Or all of the above.

Motivation 2: You haven’t quite found the book you want to read so you want to write it.

Motivation 3: You really love great writing.

We all have important words to share. But we have to truly search out our reasons for why we want to share those coveted words. Words must have purpose. Everything should be done with intentionality.

So spend some time thinking about why you’d like to be an author, why you think people need the stories you have to share.

P.S. – I think this article from Self-Publishing School does a great job explaining how much an author can make.