You ARE a Writer

The first step to becoming a successful writer is accepting that it’s true. 

You are a writer. 

You do the writing things. 

What you have to say is important and will have a great impact on the lives of those who come across what you’ve communicated through written word.

In this business of building relationships, I’ve discovered the art of writing has lost its acclaim. I can’t tell you how many fellow business owners’ eyes I’ve seen light up when I explain that I edit and write. 

Their shoulders relax. Inhaling deeply, they respond “I also write”, with a knowing grin.

This reaction to what I do in my business causes me to ponder the question: when did writing and authorship become a demoted job title? It seems forgotten that the keys to global change have been held by those with the gift of the pen. 

Historically, words have encouraged swift action, and in some cases, unspeakable horrors. Effectively written propaganda agitated wars and revolutions. Laws were created or changed due to the bravery of an exclusive few, armed with the power of the pen. 

Words inspire change, shape our beliefs, and have the ability to guide our course in life.

I’d venture to say you decided to embark on this journey from writer to author for many reasons — financial stability and freedom, to name a few — but the most important of those being the capacity to impact lives. I’m sure not on a global scale, either. Just the few people that might find your book in Barnes & Noble or on and walk away a more complete person because of it.

Being given the ability to persuade, influence, and impact others is a great responsibility. Embrace it, but don’t do so lightly. You can affect your peers. You can embolden generations to come.